We review the top hosting providers of 2019.

Choosing the right hosting provider is not any easy choice. We provide you with the right information that will allow you the choose the correct service for your business

The different hosting Web hosting Plans

Before choosing a web hosting provider you must have an understanding of the different hosting plans that are available. Each hosting plan is tailor against particular client requirements, with each plan having a different price range. It is important that you select a plan that matches your business requirements and that is flexible enough that will cater for future requirements.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the lowest tier when it comes to performance and cost. This type of hosting is typically targeted towards sites that are very low in volume. As its name implies in a shared hosting environment you are sharing a host with other customers. You have to compete with other customers when it comes to server resources. ie. CPU power, memory, and disk utilization.

The advantage of this type of hosting environment is affordability and ease of use. Hosting environments like Bluehost will give you a free domain, a free SSL certificate and shared web hosting for the price of $3.58.

The disadvantage is poor performance, a less secure environment as you are sharing the same resources such as disk and limited features.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A virtual private server is the mid-tier when it comes to hosting plans. In such an environment your web site will sit in a virtual machine. This means that as opposed to shared hosting you have a dedicated virtual machine with a segregated operating system.

This means you have better security. Your data and computation are segregated within an operating system.

Improved performance as you are you can use all the processing power of the virtual server. Till translates into your web site being more responsive.

More features and control. Given that you have more processing power in this there you have access to more features and control on the system. Some web hosting companies will give you root access to the virtual server.

This type of environment typically costs $30 per month when you book the service for the whole year. This type of plan is typically used by users with medium traffic volume.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is the highest tier when it comes to web server hosting. This type of tier is dedicated to clients that have high traffic volumes.

In such an environment you have a dedicated physical server at your disposal. This gives you the highest level of security as your data is physically segregated from the other clients. This plan also allows in-depth customization of both the operating system and the underlying environment.

This type of service will typically cost in the range of 80-100 dollars per month if you reserve for a year.

Checklist when choosing a web hosting company.

The following are the list of factors you have to use when choosing a web hosting environment.

Features & Pricing

Web hosting is a very competitive sector and you must shop around to get the best features with the lowest price range. A lot of the hosting companies offer huge discounts when it comes to the first subscription however it is important to check what is the actual cost once you have to renew the subscription as it might cost you more in the long run.

Speed & Uptime

Speed has become an important factor when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Search engines will give a better rank to pages that perform faster on mobile networks. Also it is important from a user experience point of view that the response time to the user actions are low.

Uptime is the amount of time that a service is available online and is typically represented as a percentage value. This is a the most important factor as it represents the strability of the infrastructure and indirectly of your site.


All the hosting providers will provide a backend portal that you will use to create and manage you web site. It is important that you are comforable with the user interface and that it matches your technical know how.


Support is an important factor when purchasing a service online. Make sure that the web hosting environment has multiple channels you can use, such as email, on-line chat and phone. Also important that support is 24/7.

Online Reviews

Reading reviews of customers is a good measure of the actual quality of a service. Some deals are too good to be true and its best to check in forums a web hosting company delivers when in comes to quality of service.