Siteground Review


Siteground was founded in 2004 and started with only one person but they grew up to become one of the best web hosting companies – just read any review about them! This website offers cheap and very reliable web hosting, as well as WooCommerce, WordPress, Enterprise, cloud and dedicated hosting. This service is well-known for being extremely accurate with their uptime predictions, having well over 99.99% uptime which is higher than the industry standard. This type of reliability has brought Siteground a lot of popularity as well as thousands of new customers. Additionally, Siteground has exceptional customer service which receives some of the best marks in the industry by its users. This company has three different data servers all over the world which means that their loading times are incredibly quick as users can connect to a nearby data center instead of pinging a server thousands of miles away.

All of Siteground’s features come with their own email accounts, as well as a free SSL certificate and a CDN. This company uses several technologies to ensure the security of their client’s websites which makes them even more popular with them. Their website is very easy to use, as clients can just click their way to their desired hosting plan. In addition, this web hosting service provides a myriad of different plugins that clients can use to improve their websites with a single click. With a personnel count of over 200 people, as well as quick loading times and high uptime, Siteground is among the top web hosting providers in the world.

Services and Features

Siteground provides several different types of web hosting, each of them made for a specific purpose. All of their plans include their stellar customer support as well as a guarantee for high uptimes and low latency. Their web hosting options include the standard shared hosting (with a Siteground twist!), quick WordPress hosting, very streamlined WooCommerce hosting as well as cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and for the biggest websites out there, Enterprise hosting.

Web hosting

Siteground offers several web hosting options which are enough to jumpstart any small project in need of hosting. The first plan is called StartUp and includes a single website, 10 GB of web space and up to 10,000 monthly visits. In addition, this plan also includes a ton of free features such as a SiteBuilder, SSL and HTTPS certificates, an email account, a CloudFlare CDN, daily backups, 24/7 support, control panel and SSH access as well as unmetered traffic and MySQL databases. Finally, if the client isn’t satisfied with the service they get a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Next, this web hosting service offers its GrowBig package which comes with unlimited websites, 20 GB of web space and up to 25,000 monthly visits. Aside from all the essential features provided by the StartUp plan, this plan also offers several additional Premium features such as WordPress staging, advanced on-demand backups, free site transfers by Siteground’s experts and a SuperCacher for increased speeds.

Finally, the third and most powerful plan is called GoGeek and includes unlimited websites, up to 30 GB of web space and up to 100,000 monthly visits. Of course, if this needs to be increased, Siteground offers amazing scalability. Aside from the essentials and the Premium features contained in the two less powerful packages, this package also contains ‘Geeky’ features such as additional server power, PCI compliant servers, advanced priority support and one-click Git Repo creation.

WordPress and WooCommerce hosting

Siteground’s WordPress and WooCommerce hosting comes in three different plans. The first and cheapest one, the StartUp plan is enough for any single small website and has enough power to support a basic website infrastructure. It provides 10 GB of web space per month and up to 10,000 unique monthly visits. This package offers a free 1-click WordPress installation with autoupdates, CLI and SSH, a free WordPress migrator and free 24/7 WordPress support, free SSL and HTTPS certificates, a single free email and Cloudflare CDN, a free daily backup, unlimited traffic and MySQL databases and finally, a free 30 day money-back guarantee just in case the client isn’t satisfied with the product.

The next package available from Siteground’s shared WordPress hosting service is GrowBig, which is also their best-selling plan. This plan was created to grow WordPress websites quickly, hence the name. It comes with unlimited websites as well as 20 GB of web space and 25,000 unique monthly visits. Aside from all of the essential WordPress features provided by the less powerful StartUp plan, this plan also includes premium WordPress features such as a free WordPress transfer by Siteground’s experts, a WordPress SuperCacher, 1-click WordPress staging and advanced backups on-demand.

The final plan in this WordPress hosting is named GoGeek and offers unlimited websites, 30 GB of web space and up to 100,000 unique visits per month. In addition to both the essential WordPress features provided by the StartUp plan and the Premium WordPress features provided by the GrowBig plan, this plan also offers several ‘Geeky’ features. These features include advanced priority WordPress support, additional server power, pre-installed Git for WordPress and PCI compliant servers. This plan is perfect for the true WordPress aficionado who simply needs more power than the previous two can provide, as well as anyone who wants to migrate their shop to Siteground’s servers to use their amazing WooCommerce capabilities.

Cloud hosting

Siteground’s cloud hosting services are meant to increase the client’s server power, which usually means the client needed more scalability. This service comes in four different plans – let’s go over each one and see how they compare. The first plan is called ‘Entry’ and it allows for a quick and easy start on the Siteground cloud servers. This plan provides 2 CPU cores, as well as 4 GB of RAM and an amazing 40 GB of SSD space. In addition, the Entry plan provides 5 terabytes of data transfer capacity. Next, the Business plan offers increased power with an additional CPU core, 6 GB of RAM, 60 GB of SSD space while the data transfer capacity remains the same. The Business Plus plan offers 4 CPU cores, increasing the power of the cloud server even further. Also, it offers 8 GB of RAM and 80 GB of SSD space. Once again, the data transfer capacity remains at 5 terabytes. The last and most powerful cloud server plan is appropriately called ‘Super Power’ and provides premium server features such as 8 CPU cores, 10 GB of RAM, 120 GB of SSD space and the same 5 terabyte data transfer capacity. Also, clients can build their own cloud server if none of the options here seem appropriate for their needs.

Dedicated hosting

Siteground offers three plans when it comes to their super powerful dedicated hosting. These plans come with three separate data centers located in Europe, the United States and in Asia, with the latter being a bit more pricey due to its location. Additionally, these plans offer only select hardware, full server management including server setup, software updates, 24/7 monitoring and immediate maintenance if an error occurs, as well as 24/7 VIP support by real hosting experts by phone, email, live chat and support tickets. The first server plan available is the Entry Server which runs on a 3.2 Ghz CPU with 4 CPU cores and 8 CPU threads with 8MB of cache. In addition, this server runs on an Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD with a capacity of 480 GB. Finally, this server runs on 16 GB of DDR3 RAM and it has a dedicated bandwidth capacity of 10 terabytes!

Siteground’s next dedicated server plan is called the Power Server and offers increased CPU speeds at 3.5 Ghz on the same amount of cores and threads as well as the same cache and the same bandwidth capacity. So, what gives this plan its name? The 32 GB of DDR3 RAM and the 960 GB of SSD space on an Intel Xeon E3-1270 SSD.

The final dedicated hosting plan provided by Siteground is the Super Power Server which provides 2 Ghz CPU power but this time on 12 CPU cores, 24 CPU threads and 15 MB of CPU cache. In addition, this plan offers 64 GB of DDR3 RAM and two 960 GB SSDs in RAID 1. The SSDs are Intel Xeon E5-2630 which is a lot more powerful than the previous versions. The bandwidth capacity remains the same at 10 terabytes.

Enterprise hosting

Enterprise hosting is a fully managed web hosting solution service provided by Siteground and dedicated to satisfying clients’ needs as best as possible. This service doesn’t offer pre-made plans, instead trying to gauge the customer’s needs before offering them a price or a plan. This service includes very reliable hardware and architecture on Linux containers, with a large degree of scalability and availability. Also, this service offers a development workflow which can help with building your website into an even better version of itself. To get a quote for this plan, clients can fill out a form on the Siteground website.


Siteground’s prices are among the lowest in hosting industry. Let’s look at how each plan compares by category. Since the web hosting, WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting plans have the same prices, we’ll cover them together.

Web/WordPress/WooCommerce hosting prices

  • StartUp begins at $3.95 per month, down from $11.95.
  • GrowBig begins at $5.95 per month, down from $19.95.
  • GoGeek begins at $11.95 per month, down from $34.95.

Cloud hosting

  • Entry begins at $80 per month.
  • Business begins at $120 per month.
  • Business Plus begins at $160 per month.
  • Super Power begins at $240 per month.

Dedicated hosting

  • Entry Server begins at $269 per month, $329 in Asia.
  • Power Server begins at $349 per month, $609 in Asia.
  • Super Power Server begins at $729 per month, $929 in Asia.

Performance and Uptime

Siteground is notorious for their amazing stability, having only experienced one single drop to 99.95% monthly server uptime back in December of 2018, since December 2017 until today. They didn’t have any outages for eight whole months with 100% availability in this period. Five additional months had 99.99% availability with two dropping to 99.97%. These are extremely high numbers and they justify Siteground’s reputation entirely. Additionally, Siteground offers very quick loading times averaging at about 713ms, or just over seven tenths of a second. Their quickest loading times came in February of 2019 with only 660ms. This makes Siteground a member of the elite Top 10 fastest web hosting providers in the world.

Pros and Cons


  • Plans available for every purpose.
  • Very WordPress developer friendly.
  • SuperCacher
  • Great website builder
  • Fast loading times and high uptimes
  • Flawless customer support, including VIP 24/7 support.


  • Costs more to renew any plans.
  • No free domains.

Help and Support

When it comes to customer support, Siteground offers as much as the client is willing to take. For their basic packages, this company offers flawless customer support through support tickets, emails, phone calls and of course, live chat. This is all boosted when the client opts for the Premium or the VIP customer support, depending on their chosen plan. In addition, Siteground offers an extensive FAQ database that clients can browse to find solutions to their problems. Siteground currently employs 230 customer support agents who are always there to help their customers solve their issues.


Siteground has proven to be one of the most reliable web hosting providers, offering a service of extreme quality for every customer. This means that it’ll work perfectly if you just want to set up a small website, but it will do the same if you want a gigantic hosting apparatus with one of their dedicated web hosting packages. Siteground has fought for their name over the past 15 years and they’ve certainly managed to create a reputation for being very reliable, quick and easy to operate.