WpEngine Review

WpEngine specializes in creating a VIP managed WordPress web hosting and in this review we see how one of the first WordPress hosting companies holds up in the modern web hosting industry, with clients such as PBS, National Geographic and Yelp. WpEngine was founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen who didn’t waste any time in making his company one of the leading providers of WordPress web hosting. WpEngine comes in three plans and a large, custom plan which means that this company is good for both smaller and larger clients looking to create or maintain an online presence.

WpEngine employs over 400 people, winning several awards for ‘Best Place to Work in Austin, Texas’ and giving back to the WordPress community in various ways. This web hosting company is famous for its VIP treatment of all their clients and their fantastic security – if you have a website with WpEngine, your site is practically hacker-proof! WpEngine regularly partners with the most influential digital security firms in the world to conduct security audits, code reviews and safety checks on all of their equipment and especially the security systems, so while the prices are far from the cheapest, WpEngine will provide the ultimate security package available at the moment. Also, in case you’re not satisfied with their services, WpEngine offers a 60 day money-back guarantee for the Personal, Professional and Business plans, on top of the over $2000 additional value it provides with all its free themes and the Genesis framework.

Services and Features

WpEngine has several plans that they offer to their clients. While the prices aren’t the cheapest, this company justifies the cost as the benefits provided with each of the plans far outweigh the actual cost of the plans, the money coming out of your pocket. Each and every plan is specifically tailored to match a specific purpose, and each of them also has specific tools and capabilities dedicated to aiding that purpose. Let’s take a look at the plans available with WpEngine. Startup plan

The Startup plan is used for all the basics for a single website. This website will have 50 GB of bandwidth per month, 10 GB of local storage as well as a monthly limit of 25,000 visitors. Additionally, this package includes the Genesis Framework, a global CDN, automated SSL certificates, an SSH Gateway, 24/7 professional live chat support, 35+ StudioPress themes, PHP 7.3 ready, LargeFS, Page Performance and Developing, Staging and Production environments.

Furthermore, there are several available add-ons to this plan. These are WordPress Multisite, GeoTarget, Content Performance, Global Edge Security and even additional sites! You can save quite a bit on this offer if you get the plan for a full year, which will save you two full months of paying for web hosting. Finally, this plan comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee which reduces your risk to zero.

Growth plan

The Growth plan has everything you may need to launch a growing business into the internet sphere. This plan comes with the same 60-day money-back guarantee and two months of free usage if you pay annually. While the Startup offered only 25,000 visits per month, this plan offers 100,000, along with 20 GB of local storage and 200 GB of monthly bandwidth. Also, instead of just one, the Growth plan includes 5 websites so you can manage a small group of sites instead of just one!

The Growth plan includes the same features like the Startup plan, but also has imported SSL certificates and full 24/7 phone support as well as the standard 24/7 live chat support. Also, you can add add-ons to this plan just as to the Startup plan.

Scale plan

The Scale plan has even higher capacity and larger site limits so that you can get just enough power for anything you may be planning. This amazing package delivers a whopping 400,000 visits per month with 30 GB of local storage and 400 GB of bandwidth per month. Unlike the previous packages, this plan includes 15 websites so you can run a whole group of sites on just one hosting plan. The Scale plan has everything you may need when you need to scale up your business. This plan also costs less when bought annually because the company gives you two months of free service with an annual membership.

Custom plan

This is how you know a company is professional – when they have a custom plan ready to be filled out to your desires and needs. Before setting up a custom plan, you should call WpEngine to talk to one of their sales specialists. Together with them, you will be able to figure out exactly what you need and they will be able to provide it. This means that if you have a website that may just turn out to be gigantic, you need to call WpEngine. This plan can come with high performance, managed onboarding, the fastest customer and tech support available and it’s perfect for large businesses. This plan offers millions of visits per month, 100 GB to a full terabyte in local storage, 400+ GB of bandwidth per month and a whopping 25 websites to maintain on it!

The Custom plan comes with the Wordpress Multisite, GeoTarget, Content Performance, consultative onboarding and launch readiness assessment in addition to all of the features described in the previous three plans. As available add-ons, you can add Global Edge Security, Application performance, Dedicated dev environments, customer success management, 24/7 ticket support and high availability. This plan doesn’t have a published price because it depends on the services you would like incorporated into the plan.


While WpEngine is not the cheapest service, it does provide a lot of bang for its buck. Let’s look at their plans and how they hold up over time.

Startup plan:

  • $35 per month on a monthly basis, $420 annually.
  • $350 yearly, with two months free if you buy annually instead of monthly.
  • All the add-ons for this plan cost $90 per month in total.

Growth plan:

  • $115 per month on a monthly basis, $1380 annually.
  • $1150 yearly, with two months free if you buy annually instead of monthly.
  • All the add-ons for this plan cost $180 per month in total.

Scale plan:

  • $290 per month on a monthly basis, $3480 annually.
  • $2900 yearly, with two months free if you buy annually instead of monthly.
  • All the add-ons for this plan cost $290 per month in total, doubling the price.

Custom plan:

Everything regarding price with the Custom plans is communicated directly with the company and its sales representatives, therefore no prices have been posted online. Every package of features is unique and the price depends on what you want included in the package.

Performance and Uptime

Without any performance optimization software, WpEngine is quite impressive. With the software however, it becomes one of the fastest web hosting options on the internet. Everyone knows that loading times and uptimes are two key ingredients in a successful and effective web hosting company, and WpEngine delivers both without any issues.


Performance is measured in response time, the smaller the response time – the better the performance resulting in increased loading speeds, resulting in a smoothly operating website. Simple, right? Well, WpEngine certainly makes it look simple as they’ve been able to reach as low as 36ms of lag which is almost nothing – people play video games at 36ms and you know how quickly things happen there. The maximum loading times for WpEngine’s servers is around 360ms, about a third of a second and that’s pinging a server in the Eastern United States from India! All in all, when it comes to response times, with seven data centers all around the world, WpEngine is certainly one of the best WordPress web hosting services available. To improve performance, WpEngine allows you to use CDN to save cached versions of your website on the data banks of the company around the world so the websites will open just as quickly, anywhere on the planet.


In the last year, WpEngine has experienced seven flawless months, with no downtime at all. In the remaining five, they’ve had a few minutes of downtime per month, which is enough to kick them down to 99.99% uptime. In reality, nobody can deliver the full 100% uptime – even the largest companies such as Amazon Web Hosting cannot deliver 100%. The speeds and availability provided by WpEngine are some of the best, and for a WordPress-sanctioned operator, WpEngine provides the most effective performance for an adequate price.

Pros and Cons


  • Almost impenetrable security no matter which plan you pick
  • Very well-trained and professional support personnel
  • Scalable plans to handle spikes in activity
  • Automatic backups free with every plan
  • The best managed WordPress hosting currently in existence


  • Fair number of upsells, the bill may grow much faster than you expect
  • >No email support

Help and Support

When it comes to teaching their customers how to build, maintain and improve their own websites hosted on the WpEngine platform, there is nothing better than accessing this company’s support desk. WpEngine has several methods of helping customers find what they need, and the first method is educating them in everything they may ask about. This is why there’s an extensive database of information in their ‘Support’ field – information teaching you about the WpEngine platform, as well as creating your own website, optimizing it to make it faster, troubleshooting, enhancing and improving as well as account management. All of these are topics in the ‘Help’ section of the WpEngine website. Next, WpEngine offers a whole separate FAQ on finances and transactions called Billing Support. This tool maximizes the effectiveness of the FAQ pillar of the company’s customer support.

When it comes to support and direct contact, you may have noticed that every time you enter the WpEngine website, you are greeted by a live chat pop-up that asks you if there’s some way to help you and point you in the right direction.

Additionally, the WpEngine support team offers you 24/7/365 support via email, but you will have to log in to their platform in order to get the contact information. You can contact them by phone, by email or by address, from 9 AM to 6PM GMT.

WpEngine also has specific security features worth mentioning since they will save you a lot of time in the Help and Support section. First of all, WpEngine automatically upgrades the WordPress application whenever a new one comes out. Furthermore, they install real-time threat detection to protect from DDoS attacks and malicious software. This is why no JavaScript, XML-RPC or SQL-injection attacks will get past your defenses.

This threat detection system blocks IP addresses of people thought to be spammers or hackers. Finally, the company separates all of their users on the Kernel and Filesystem levels, meaning the path to scalability is open. Firewalls, continuous scans and various security measures make WpEngine one of the best web hosting services on the market today.


WpEngine has earned the right to be called one of the best web hosting service ever created. This company protects your websites ferociously, charges the same flat fee over years and has amazing uptimes and response times, making it one of the fan-favorites when it comes to web hosting on WordPress. With an average of four minutes of downtime per month, which can very well be unnoticed if you’re not that constrained for uptime, WpEngine proves time and time again that they are the best simply because they work hard to be the best, offering services that are rarely even placed on the market today. From the smallest individual websites to giant behemoths with dozens or even hundreds of gigabytes of capacity, WpEngine provides everything and leaves open an option for the most expensive corporate websites.