Wix Review

Wix is a site builder that is incredibly simple to use and almost doesn’t have a single negative review about it online. This website started back in 2006 and quickly established itself as one of the major website builders on the internet. Before we get into the details, let’s establish what a website builder is supposed to do: allow users to create websites without being knowledgeable in coding and website creation from scratch. There are two types of website builders – ones that incorporate AI and ones that don’t, instead relying on the classic website builder layout. Wix allows users to drag-and-drop their way to a beautiful website, allowing hundreds of different pre-made templates and various features that make this task easier – and they do this through incorporating both types of website building. Wix relies on the classic website builder but also incorporates some AI into their way of functioning.

To this end, Wix offers two different ways to go about creating your website – the Wix ADI and the Wix Editor. While the latter offers the customer all the necessary tools to create their own website, the former creates the website and delivers it when it’s complete. This is accomplished by asking the customer a few questions first to determine what they want. After this, the Wix ADI creates the website for the user. In short, Wix allows the user to establish an online presence in the form of a website without any hassle, providing additional assistance such as help with your SEO, creating a logo, creating an online store and establishing various custom domains.


Wix prides itself on allowing users to transform any idea they may have into a website, whether it’s a blog, a personal website, an eCommerce store or a small business website. Wix is unsuitable for the largest websites but it does a great job at everything else. Let’s look at some of the features that make Wix one of the best website builders out there!


Wix offers around 500 templates that cut the entire website creation process incredibly short – all the customer has to do is choose their favorite template. However, Wix doesn’t allow you to change the chosen template after you’ve incorporated your content and your personal settings, so make sure you choose the right one the first time! Wix’s templates all look brilliant as they’ve been designed by professionals to hit the point of balance between efficiency and appearance.

Wix’s templates are divided into 16 categories – Business, Online Store, Photography, Video, Music, Design, Restaurants & Food, Travel & Tourism, Events, Portfolio & CV, Blogs & Forums, Health & Wellness, Fashion & Beauty, Community & Education, Creative Arts and Landing Pages. All of these categories contain dozens of different templates created specifically to be used for creating websites in their respective categories.

App market

Wix offers hundreds of apps that are specifically designed to customize the customer’s experience on your website. This means that the apps provided by Wix perform various modeling functions on your website – from changing the entire layout to changing a single aspect of your website. Some of the apps that have the most impact on the customer’s website are the Wix Forum and several apps for eCommerce stores, but there are way more apps designed for a single purpose such as gallery apps, site traffic booster apps, AdSense, form builders, calendars, social media integration buttons and so on. In short, if you want to add it to your website, chances are, Wix has it.

Wix web hosting

Wix provides free web hosting alongside every single one of their premium packages. This may be of great value to some customers as not everyone wants their website to be hosted on a separately-paid hosting service. Wix’s web hosting service makes things simpler which is why most Wix users prefer it to hosting their websites elsewhere. Wix guarantees an uptime of 99.9% and quicker loading times, as well as scalability, a custom domain, a professional email address, a logo and SEO assistance. The great thing about the Wix web hosting is that it’s even included in the free version of the service, so even if you’re not paying anything to host your own website, blog or eCommerce store, you can have it hosted on Wix’s servers.


When you want to boost your website and its reputation, you want to get a custom domain if you don’t already have one. This is why Wix provides custom domains to all of their customers as requested – there’s simply no alternative to having a professional-looking domain. Nobody wants to see your website if it’s a subdomain of a completely unrelated domain. Wix provides a free yearly domain voucher in all their yearly premium plans, complete with domain security which means all domains are registered privately, going along with GDPR requirements.

Social media integration

There are very few site builders out there that can compare with Wix’s offer concerning social media integration. First of all, Wix has complete Facebook integration, offering a Facebook Like button, both as a pop-up and as a regular button, a Facebook Comments box, a custom Facebook feed, as well as Live Messenger, a Share button and a Facebook Page Like button. Next, Wix offers complete Instagram integration with their Instagram Pro and Instagram Feed apps. Wix also offers Pinterest integration, with their Pinterest Feed, Pin It, Pin Share and Pinterest Follow apps. In addition, the same goes for Twitter – there are Twitter Feed, Twitter Follow and Twitter Tweet apps. If you want to integrate all of them but don’t want to install a dozen apps, you can just install the Social Media Stream app. Also, there are specific apps for the Russian social network Vkontakte, as well as Patreon, Yelp and YouTube.


Wix’s security is known to be one of the best systems when it comes to website builders. First of all, to let your customers know that they’re on a secure website, Wix provides all of their users with SSL certificates (the little padlock icon next to the URL). Additionally, this site builder offers several Autosave points. Users can restore their website to each of these points if something goes wrong – with only a few clicks! Next, Wix employs full-time security experts but also provides state-of-the-art security tools to make sure that all security issues are being dealt with continuously and efficiently. Wix is ISO certified, which means they’re licensed to handle PII but they’re also licensed for managing security risks. Wix is also TLS-certified which means they help protect your online financial transactions. Finally, Wix is PCI-compliant, which means they adhere to the data security standards of the payment card industry, where they’re registered as a level 1 service provider and merchant.

Wix Ascend

Wix Ascend is Wix’s customer interaction management tool. This tool allows users to capture leads without any hassle, build relationships with their customer, process payments, manage workflows, tasks & reminders, deliver invoices, establish forms, contact and member lists as well as add a Live Chat feature to the customer’s website. However all of these tools are just add-ons to Wix Ascend’s true purpose – to promote and grow the user’s website. This is done by implementing various SEO tools, social posts, assistance with email marketing and marketing integrations such as Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Additionally, Wix adds a video maker and coupons to the package. All in all, if you want your website to grow, become more popular and you still want to have the option to scale it up at any time, you want to implement Wix Ascend into your plan.

Ease of Use And SEO

One of the main features Wix provides for its users is the incredible ease of use for just about every aspect of the customer’s website creation process, as well as satisfying all the maintenance, scaling and digital marketing needs of the customer. While up until a few years ago, people couldn’t design a website if they didn’t know how to code, Wix provides an easy-to-use interface which implements the drag-and-drop feature, meaning anyone can create a website using their website builder. Additionally, Wix ADI makes the whole process even easier by making the choices for the customer after asking them a few questions about their goals with their new website.

Next, Wix provides several SEO tools that make sure your website gets indexed almost instantly. Wix assists with meta titles and descriptions, customizing URLs, tweaking header code, keyword support and guidance apps. Wix offers some of the best SEO assistance in the website builder industry, including the Wix SEO Wiz, Keywords Everywhere, Answer the Public, Buzzsumo, Email Hunter, Google Analytics and search console (even in incognito!), as well as Ubersuggest. While customers don’t have to use all of these apps, it’s very advantageous to at least use the Wix SEO Wiz, simply because it offers almost everything a SEO beginner needs to know and implement in order for their website to grow smoothly. By tracking, giving advice and implementing better solutions, Wix provides the ultimate opportunity to scale up incredibly quickly!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Wix has many advantages over other website builders. These include its complete flexibility in the design process, as well as their hundreds of professionally pre-made templates. Also, Wix enables users to implement various animations, making it possible for users to animate almost any part of their website. Next, Wix has their App market and their Artificial Design Intelligence tool – both of these features help put Wix on the website creator throne. Finally, for users who are more concerned with security, Wix offers automatic website backups which create backup points that customers can restart their websites to, in case of any trouble. This pretty much guarantees the conservation of information on your website.

When it comes to disadvantages, Wix has far fewer than most but it still has them! Wix doesn’t offer the option to change the previously chosen template for your website and while customers can switch to new designs, they cannot change the entire template. Also, Wix is definitely not the cheapest website builder service out there, as we’ll see in the next section.


Wix offers some of their services for free, but when customers want to go pro, they can do so by upgrading to a premium plan. Additionally, Wix offers their Wix Ascend feature which comes with its own price tags. Let’s look at their pricing options for both regular websites and business and eCommerce websites.

Regular websites

  • Connect domain - $4.50 per month.
  • Combo - $8.50 per month.
  • Unlimited – $12.50 per month.
  • VIP - $24.50 per month.

Business & eCommerce websites

  • Business Basic – $17 per month.
  • Business Unlimited – $25 per month.
  • Business VIP - $35 per month.

Wix Ascend

  • Ascend Basic - $10 per month.
  • Ascend Professional - $24 per month.
  • Ascend Unlimited - $49 per month.


Wix is one of the easiest to use but still most effective website builders on the internet. Through their multitude of apps, features and provided opportunities, Wix makes sure that customers can not only create their new website, but also run it, maintain it, grow it and finally – make money from it. Wix is one of the best website builders out there, a fact proven by their track record which is almost impeccable. One of Wix’s clear advantages before everyone else is their commitment to making sure customer don’t just build the website, but fully realize their goals with it, no matter how far-fetched they may seem in the beginning. Wix’s Ascend platform makes sure that customers can have a head start on making their website marketable – all while providing exceptional security and backup features that will keep every single website safe. As if that wasn’t enough, Wix also offers free web hosting with each of their premium plans! This is the reason Wix is almost consistently ranked #1 in website builders in every review and ranking today.