Duda Review

Duda is a site builder specializing in responsive content, meaning that users can review all websites hosted on the service through any device. This includes mobile or desktop devices as well as tablets or literally anything else running on the world’s most famous operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Duda was founded back in 2008 when its founders decided that there was going to be a market for mobile websites because the new iPhone had come out that year. As it turns out, they were right and today Duda hosts over 12 million websites on their service. They declare themselves to be the website builder for professionals and so far we’ve seen a lot of proof supporting their claim, such as Duda’s wide array of tools and features that allow websites to grow quickly and organically.

However, while Duda makes all of their websites fully responsive, that’s not the main feature of the Duda Website Builder app. This tool does everything other website builders do but it piles on the benefits with its multilingualism option, as well as its website personalization tool which allows the client to communicate with each of their customers separately and offer them personalized offers based on their browsing history and location. Duda can run blogs, almost all types of websites and of course eCommerce stores which are available in all of their packages. Finally, Duda offers assistance with several team collaboration tools, as well as client management tools which can be a great boost to the efficiency of the website.


Duda boasts a large number of features that assist clients with the creating and flawless functioning of their website. Some of these tools can be found in other website builders, but Duda retains the mark of uniqueness on many of them. The features offered by this service can be broken down into four categories – the website builder itself, team collaboration tools, client management tools and infrastructural features. Let’s look at each of them and ascertain the quality of Duda’s service.

Website builder

Duda offers one of the most sophisticated website builders on the internet today. First of all, this builder is based on the drag-and-drop principle, but it also has full design control which means clients can customize every single element on the website while also having total control of how it functions across devices. The web builder also offers full developer mode, a shrinking header option, over 100 font styles, backgrounds (even with parallax effects!), page duplication and importing, global design options, a flat UI design, a customized 404 page and that’s just the design portion!

Next, Duda offers full image and video management, optimization and editing, as well as Shutterstock access directly from the platform. When it comes to mobile compatibility, clients can edit and republish their websites as well as add and remove widgets from any device. Speaking of widgets, Duda makes it easy to add popups, contact forms, custom HTML/JavaScript/CSS additions as well as dozens of other options from all categories, including social media integration and even a widget builder that lets clients design widgets befitting their own needs.

Additionally, Duda offers hundreds of modern and beautifully designed templates as well as predesigned sections that can be integrated into any website with a single click. Of course, clients can also create their own sections and customize their own templates. When it comes to personalization, clients can choose between building their own personalization rules from scratch or using any previously created custom personalization settings. The service also implements triggers and actions which allow clients to communicate with their customers on a personal level.

Also, Duda offers clients the ability to communicate with their customers if they’re in the business of building websites – nobody likes redesigning whole websites, so this feature allows direct dialogue. Also, comments are displayed in context and there are comment logs and notifications as well. Duda provides clients with a content collection form, content import, external data synchronization, file management and of course their multi-language tool in an astounding 55 languages!

Finally, Duda offers the option to create an eCommerce store which will be fully responsive and have a completely integrated design, including product pages, over 30 payment options, maximum and minimum purchase limits, tax calculations, coupons, digital downloads, stock counts and low stock notifications, shipping options and rates as well as tracking codes. Also, Duda can help clients design blogs with automatically generated RSS and ATOM feeds, optimized for SEO and even providing the ability to have multiple authors! Of course, all blogs come with their own stats and analytics studios for easier management.

Team collaboration

When a client has completed their website, they need to run it as efficiently as possible. This is where the team collaboration options come in. Duda provides two notable features in this category – asset sharing and team permissions. Asset sharing allows clients to share widgets, sections and templates with their team mates, as well as duplicate sections they like – and all on a comprehensive, collaborative dashboard. The other feature, team permissions allows clients to group their staff members in permission groups that they can customize. This includes an admin group, a blog group, a designer group and a store manager group as pre-made groups.

Client management

When it comes to client management, Duda offers three distinct features – white label editing, client permissions and stats & analytics tools. The first feature allows clients to add their brand’s logo and colors to any websites designed with Duda’s white label editor. Additionally, it lets clients preview the websites and their new design concepts, as well as send automatically generated messages. Next, this feature offers SSL certificates for all white label websites, as well as a customer dashboard and sales collateral for your website. Next, the client permissions feature offers options in site-specific access, permissions for sending stats emails, full and content editing permissions, as well as developer, eCommerce and publisher permissions. Finally, the third feature offers clients their site stats, both per device and altogether, as well as email summaries, stats info, Google Analytics and event tracking.


Duda presents their infrastructural features in four categories – website architecture, SEO, API and platform integrations. First of all, every Duda website is hosted on Amazon Web Services which is extremely stable and secure and without bandwidth or storage limits. Next, the service provides a free SSL with every Duda website, as well as a privacy page template, customizable cookie notifications, a global CDN, site backups, Google PageSpeed optimization and many other features. When it comes to SEO, on top of the previously mentioned features, Duda offers open graph support, a sitemap, a robots.txt file, Vary: user-agent, page title, meta keywords and description management as well as customizable page URLs, alt and description tags on images and 301 redirects.

The third feature offers Duda’s awesome API, WHMCS plugin, Odin APS package, content injection, a connected content library and even instant websites! Last but not least, Duda offers platform integrations over several categories – Business & Commerce (PayPal, vCita, Webhooks, Opentable, Google Sheets), Social (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Disqus, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS, Snapchat, TripAdvisor and SinglePlatform), Videos (YouTube and Vimeo), Marketing (MailChimp and Constant Contact) and finally, Location (Mapbox, Locu and Google Places).

Ease of Use and SEO

Duda is a website builder that offers a lot, so clients may expect it to be complex and hard to operate, but it’s one of the simplest to use as the website guides the client through the entire website creation process and subsequent website management. Duda’s Help Center is full of information that will help clients design their dream websites, and if that fails there’s always their trusty tech support, available 24/7 through email, phone and live chat.

Also, Duda takes great care of the SEO of their websites. This is done through providing exclusive features for a low price or even better – for free – to all of their clients. These features include direct indexing by Google and SEO fields for products as well as Google PageSpeed Optimization, dynamic device serving, open graph support and control over titles, meta descriptions and keywords, customizable URLs and image tags.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Duda will do wonders for people that have a grasp on what they want and wish to create their website through a service with many features in order to make their ideas real. Duda offers both power and variety in almost all forms, letting clients do whatever they please with their websites and always guiding them to the best solution. On the other hand, Duda has only three plans and all three of them are not cheap. Additionally, Duda provides a free 14 day trial but it puts clients directly on the Team plan, which means that they’re going to lose some features if they downgrade to a paid Basic plan after the trial period ends.


Duda offers three plans to their clients – the Basic, the Team and the Agency plan. The Basic plan comes with a single website hosted on the Amazon cloud, email support, HTTPS encryption, Duda’s multi-language websites feature, free & premium images, but also a limited content library, no client management tools, widget builder or infrastructure features. Next, the Team plan again comes with a single website but additional email, chat and phone customer support. In addition to all features on the Basic plan, this plan has a connected content library, up to 4 team members and full team collaboration tools, as well as full client management features except for the Site Comments feature which allows internal use only. Finally, the third and most powerful plan, the Agency, offer all features offered by the previous two plans, adding a widget builder, up to 10 team members, full team collaboration and client management features as well as infrastructural features with a limited API.

Customer support and security

Duda has one of the best and most professionally trained customer support teams in the world, simply because they love communicating with their clients and learning how to become a better service. This is why people can contact Duda through email, phone and live chat, but they can also schedule a sales call or even visit their offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel! When it comes to security, Duda is fully hosted on AWS, which is by far one of the most secure clouds in the world so everything will not only be okay – it will be perfectly secure!


There are two ways in which Duda products are priced. The first one is by plan and by the power of each plan. Let’s look at Duda’s plan pricing.

  • Basic - $19/month on a monthly plan, $14/month on a yearly plan.
  • Team - $29/month on a monthly plan, $22/month on a yearly plan.
  • Agency - $99/month on a monthly plan, $74/month on a yearly plan.

Also, clients can add a Duda eCommerce add-on to any plan for an added fee, depending on their plan. If a client has the Basic plan, they get room for 10 products for free. If they have the Team plan, they get room for 100 products for $8 per month, and with the Agency plan they get room for 2500 products for $22 per month.


Duda is by far one of the best website builders when it comes to responsive websites. This service offers dozens, if not hundreds of options that allow clients to make their websites run better and faster, and it’s even hosted on maybe the most secure cloud in the world – the AWS. All in all, Duda makes most other website builders look like children’s toys with its complexity in effect and yet simplicity in use. It doesn’t matter if a client knows how to operate the Duda website builder and subsequent management tools – the site will guide them through everything and even the most non-tech-savvy clients will find Duda to be almost without a learning curve while still delivering more than satisfactory results.