SiteBuilder Review

In this review we’ll look at SiteBuilder, which, as the name suggests, is a site builder – one that offers a full complement of tools to small businesses and individuals. This service is uniquely suited to the needs of those who can’t afford to pay a lot, as it costs very little but it’s still more cost effective than most services. Also, SiteBuilder is perfect for people who don’t need much beyond their own working, functional and professionally designed website, which this service provides without issues. Additionally, SiteBuilder has no learning curve simply because of its drag-and-drop feature in their website creator, which lets clients design their websites without knowing any code. Also, the service Because of these reasons, SiteBuilder have been growing into one of the largest small-website suppliers in the web builder industry since 2014.

SiteBuilder is the ultimate tool for small businesses and individuals who want nothing more than to have a completely workable website and it provides more than enough features to keep these two types of customers happy. While the platform doesn’t have capabilities to run larger and more powerful websites, it’s not meant to, as it focuses on delivering as many features and perks to its existing three plans, all of which favor smaller websites. Also, SiteBuilder has covered its bases for long-term contracts as they’ve added some tools that deliver the required long-term results such as SEO management and various other marketing tools. That being said, let’s take a closer look at SiteBuilder’s features.


SiteBuilder offers several features commonly found in all website builders. Let’s go through the website creation process step by step to determine where SiteBuilder can be of assistance. First of all, this service provides a domain for the clients’ website, but only with its annual plans. Additionally, there’s a domain fee if the client decides they want to cancel their subscription. So, if you’re looking for at least a yearly subscription and you need a domain, SiteBuilder will get the job done. Also, if the client already has a domain but wants to connect it to their SiteBuilder website, the service allows that in all of their plans. Next, when it comes to creating the website itself, SiteBuilder has a nifty site builder that helps clients design their website with ease and without any previous knowledge of web design or coding. All the client has to do is drag and drop the elements of their website and presto – it’s done!

This step can be mad even easier if the client wants to use an already pre-made template. SiteBuilder has hundreds of professionally designed website templates that the client can tweak to their satisfaction, if they find one they like. Next, SiteBuilder offers several analytics tools to help clients with their SEO and marketing efforts, whether it’s Facebook or Google ads. Additionally, this service allows clients to use their websites in several forms – as a blog, as an eCommerce store or as a normal website. If the client wants a personalized email to go with their website, they have to pay extra but SiteBuilder does offer it as an option. When all of this is said and done, clients can log into their freshly designed website through Social Login, which lets people log in from any of their social media, including Facebook and Google. So, with all that in mind, let’s look at the plans that SiteBuilder offers to its clients!


SiteBuilder offers three distinct plans, each more powerful than the last and able to deliver better results. All of SiteBuilder’s plans include free hosting, their signature drag-and-drop website builder, the service’s customizable templates, a domain name, website statistics assistance, no website ads and some ad credits. However, the three plans differ in two settings – priority support, which isn’t included in the Pro plan and the ability to host an eCommerce store, which is only included in the top plan, aptly named eCommerce. Also, all of SiteBuilde’s plans include a 14-day money-back guarantee which is only valid for the plan purchase, not the domain provided with the plan. Priority support means that whatever problem the client may have with their website, they go straight to the front of the customer support line which is a pretty great feature. The eCommerce store is self-explanatory – you can only run a store on SiteBuilder with their eCommerce plan.

Social media management and email marketing

SiteBuilder provides certain social media management and email marketing services but they are charged separately from their plans. However, when a client buys the Social Booster app, they receive a dramatic boost in their social media management power on their website. This means that all likes and replies are streamlined to a single dashboard where the client can control and review their public image, making the improvement of customer relationships much easier. Additionally, clients will be able to publish their posts, products or any other updates to all of their websites simultaneously, if they’re managing more than one. Furthermore, clients have a full overview of their paid social media campaigns, as the social media management feature adds an easy to use dashboard to control all of these processes and see the results coming from them. Of course, clients can also schedule posts as they wish, drastically cutting the time it takes to manage their websites.

Clients can also get great results from email marketing and SiteBuilder offers an amazing email marketing tool, as an extra of course. This tool allows clients to customize their own newsletter template after choosing from a wide variety of pre-made templates. Next, clients can add whole lists of contacts through Excel, Gmail or Outlook which are all very useful when you want to send emails to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Essentially, this tool provides clients with the opportunity to send out customized emails to thousands of people almost instantly, and it can’t be overstated how effective this can be in today’s world of digital marketing.

Customer support and security

When it comes to customer support, SiteBuilder delivers nearly flawless assistance to their clients using several methods of help and support. First of all, the website has a knowledgebase where clients can educate themselves and find solutions to problems they may be having with their website. If that doesn’t work, clients are free to contact the service through several avenues of contact. This means clients can call up the SiteBuilder customer support service through phone, or they can email them. Finally, if all else fails, this service provides a Live Chat feature that instantly connects clients to experienced and well-trained customer support agents.

When it comes to security, SiteBuilder offers several options to increase the protection of your website. First of all, they host all their websites on their private servers, which means that SiteBuilder extends their own personal defences around their client websites. This means that websites on this service experience a good degree of protection against DDoS attacks, as well as having additional firewalls. However, there are even more security options – the service allows you to add SiteLock to your website for extra protection as well as even more added protection through their constant vigilance for any SiteBuilder websites that jeopardize other websites.

Ease of Use and SEO

One of SiteBuilder’s main selling points is their ease of use. There is no learning curve when using this service, simply because it’s incredibly straightforward, there isn’t any point where a client could get lost in the process and even if they did, SiteBuilder offers a tutorial to all of its first-time users to guide them in the website creation process. During the process, if the client doesn’t want to, they don’t even have to drag-and-drop – they can simply pick a pre-made template that looks right for their website idea and go from there. While clients may have some issues with layering background control or effects, these are about as complicated as SiteBuilder features get.

SiteBuilder also offers several other features that assist clients with improving their SEO score and achieving a better Google ranking. SEO management offered by SiteBuilder includes redirects and HTML functionality which are the foundations of any good SEO strategy. Additionally, the service provides XML sitemaps, Google tools and a keyword density tracker, all used to improve the overall functioning of the client’s SEO strategy. These tools provide more than enough power for any small website, including personal blogs, small eCommerce stores and small business websites.

Advantages and Disadvantages

SiteBuilder has a large number of advantages when it comes to small businesses and individual websites. First of all, the service is relatively cheap and will satisfy all of the lower tiers of website building customers. However, this makes the service highly unsuitable for any more complex or more powerful websites, leading to the more demanding clients avoiding this website builder. Additionally, SiteBuilder is very easy to use making it very accessible for almost anyone on the internet, as there is no learning curve. However, this also means that the service offers far fewer options than most other services and it’s much simpler both in operation and in features. SiteBuilder also offers a fairly cheap eCommerce option as their most advanced plan, which is a great advantage for those that want to start an online store without paying much. However, the eCommerce options are quite limited with this website builder, providing less value for the money than others that provide a wide variety of extra features instead of only the basic ones. Finally, the service provides an ad-free experience over all of their plans, blocking ads from all sources on the client’s websites.


SiteBuilder’s three plans have two price levels – before and after renewal. This service has an ongoing 50% discount on any of their plans but they renew at the regular price which can drive the total cost of the service drastically upwards. Let’s look at the prices.

  • Pro plan - $5.50 per month, $11 after renewal.
  • Premium plan - $7 per month, $14 after renewal.
  • eCommerce - $10 per month, $20 after renewal.

Additionally, this service may require clients to pay extra for certain features such as social media marketing and management tools, as well as email campaign tools to integrate into their website. Upsells like these make up a huge part of SiteBuilder’s pricing, which is why their plans are so cheap. However, they also make up a large part of the service’s functionality which can be seen as a drawback by experienced users.


SiteBuilder is maybe the best service on the internet right now for small businesses and individuals looking to open up their own website, blog or eCommerce store. While larger companies and more demanding projects will avoid this website, smaller ones will not and that’s where SiteBuilder draws its credibility and targets its audience. When people look for a fairly affordable service that has proven itself to be reliable and quick to implement any changes they may need, SiteBuilder’s name always pops up above the rest simply because they offer their features far more cheaply than other website building services, while still providing sufficient power and resources to run basic websites and online stores.

While SiteBuilder may not be the ‘best of the best’ out there, it has a specific purpose and it fulfills it well. Its many options provide users with a good degree of choice when it comes to selecting not only their website creator, but also the service that helps them run that website and make it profitable. SiteBuilder offers the basic social media management and SEO tools, but as the service is geared towards simplicity and ease of use, it’s no wonder they haven’t included any more complex tools or apps. Either way, SiteBuilder excels at doing what it was designed to do – create professional-looking websites incredibly quickly and incredibly simply.