Weebly Review

In this review we’ll look at Weebly, a site builder service that has proven designing a website doesn’t have to be hard work. Weebly is a ‘what you see is what you get’ website creator, which means it operates on the drag-and-drop principle, allowing for users that have never studied coding or web design to create their own websites with ease. Additionally, Weebly provides more than enough power to the user as well as a large degree of flexibility, making it perfect for small business websites, personal blogs or eCommerce stores. At the moment, Weebly powers over 2% of the entire internet, which is around 50 million websites, and the awesome features provided by the service are attracting more and more clients every day.

Weebly clients seem to be after its unique combination of customizable and yet professionally-done templates, powerful hardware, easy website builder and because it’s a general one-stop-shop for any website creation needs including hosting, domains, social media integration and SEO. Weebly only creates responsive websites which means any website the client creates will be compatible with all mobile devices. Furthermore, Weebly is very affordable when compared to other website builders, as the subscriptions are minimal and there’s even a free option offered which actually has decent features and won’t pester the client to upgrade to a paid plan. Finally, Weebly provides a fully equipped help and support center which gives clients advice in keyword optimization, site ranking and coding. Let’s take a closer look at this site builder’s features and what it can do.


Aside from being very intuitive and streamlined to make the user experience as pleasing as possible, Weebly also adds a large number of features on top of its basic website builder in order to enable the client to customize their website into whichever form they see fit. Weebly provides tools from several categories that work wonders when trying to get a website off the ground. These categories include SEO, eCommerce, social media integration, their App center, and various customizable template, as well as dozens of other tools and features. Let’s look at each of these features in more detail.

Website creator

Weebly’s website creator has been said to be incredibly flexible, sophisticated and most importantly – very easy to use! Anyone can create a website with Weebly as there is no learning curve nor a requirement to know coding. First of all, Weebly always keeps their website builder very sleek and free from button overcrowding. It’s a drag-and-drop builder, which means clients can simply create their website on the spot, choosing from several fields and options to regulate such as titles, images, text, maps, newsletters, buttons, embedding, contact forms as well as structural changes such as sectioning and implementing dividers and spacers.

When a client is designing their website, Weebly will guide them through it by dimming unimportant areas and highlighting areas where the client should devote more attention. This type of attention to detail in Weebly’s interface is the reason they’re among the top website builders today. This builder allows clients to choose between a large number of add-ons, including from over 50 themes, hundreds of 1-click installations of apps the clients may need, as well as video backgrounds, custom fonts, search bars, video & audio management and so on. Also, to not forget the coders among us, Weebly will allow clients to edit their websites on the atomic level – directly in the code by changing the HTML, CSS or JavaScript in the foundations of their websites.

Finally, another feature that Weebly offers is their ability to place high-definition and full color and width images into their websites. This allows clients to make their website look incredibly beautiful while allowing them to also make it as detailed as possible which is impossible with most other site builders because of simple overcrowding issues. Weebly’s website builder is very intuitive and allows clients to create their website in under an hour, with a neat Preview button waiting patiently at the end.

App center

Weebly’s App center exists to allow clients to add all types of apps, widgets and add-ons to their websites. This includes apps from several categories such as eCommerce, communication, marketing, social and technical site tools and features. Additionally, all the apps are categorized by popularity, rating, price and date of release. The eCommerce apps go in three directions – apps to start selling, apps to deal with shipping and fulfillment and apps to help with stats and reporting. Next, the communication apps come in the shape of forms and polls, live chat and translation apps. Furthermore, the marketing apps available in Weebly’s app center come in three distinct groups – apps for advertising, for email marketing and for SEO management. Also, the social apps are divided into social button apps, review and testimonial apps as well as image feed apps. Finally, the site tools and features are divided into audio, video, FAQ, maps, calendars, bookings, images, scrolling, structure and counter apps, all of which can be of great assistance in the day to day running of the clients’ website. Weebly also offers several apps of their own creation which have comparable features with apps in the same category in the market today


Weebly offers five plans in total, four of which are paid and one is a free plan with a surprisingly high number of features available! The plans are named Free, Connect, Pro, Business and Business Plus. The Free plan offers a free SSL certificate, 500 MB of storage, a domain with Weebly ads, SEO assistance, lead capture and contact forms, community forum access as well as chat & email support. The Connect plan offers all of these features, as well as the option to connect a free domain to your website. Next, the Pro plan offers a free domain and $100 credit in Google Ads, as well as unlimited storage, no Weebly ads, site search, a shopping cart, payment options, advanced site stats and phone support.

The Business plan offers all the options offered by the previous plans as well as plenty of eCommerce-only features such as product badges, product options, inventory management, automatic tax calculator, Square gift cards, reviews, shipping calculator, integrated shipping labels, some shipping discounts, coupon codes, pop-up notifications, integrated Facebook Ads and advanced eCommerce stats. Finally, the most powerful package, the Business Plus integrates all of these features as well as real-time shipping, abandoned cart emails, the best shipping discounts and email marketing, which is plenty of value for this plan’s cost.


One of Weebly’s strongest sides is their eCommerce offer. The ability to create an online store is included in all of their plans, but the full power of this company’s eCommerce capabilities can only be reached with the Business Plus plan. This plan provides a number of marketing tools ready to help clients scale up their websites and their businesses. These include an advanced email marketing feature with customizable templates to nurture leads and bring back one-time customers, as well as Facebook Ads control directly from the Weebly platform. Additionally, this service helps with shipping in a multitude of ways, such as providing their own shipping tool that eases sending products anywhere in the world, even providing real-time shipping rates based on the carrier, destination and package characteristics. Next, Weebly also provides inventory management features that help clients keep track of their inventories and supplies from a single dashboard. Weebly’s eCommerce incorporates coupons, gift cards, badges, product search bars and the option to allow customer reviews. Finally, this service provides advanced checkout features such as a completely integrated shopping card, an automatic tax calculator and access to payment processors such as Square, Stripe and PayPal.

Ease of Use and SEO

Weebly was designed to be easy to use and it has been succeeding in this goal since its inception. This means that anyone with a computer can create their own website with ease, regardless of their web design experience, coding skills or really anything other than an idea for their website. Weebly even guides their customer through the entire website building process through a series of interactive features.

When it comes to SEO, Weebly provides some of the most advanced services in the website building industry. First of all, they have an awesome SEO guide together with a checklist that helps clients without knowledge of SEO maximize their profits. This guide covers getting started, keyword research, website growth and tracking. Secondly, Weebly provides a wide variety of tools to help clients get their SEO in check such as MarketGoo, Positionly, Wincher Rank Tracker and rankingCoach.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Weebly offers a complete package when it comes to website design – clients can create their websites as they have imagined them and that’s certainly an advantage – but the downside is that the drag-and-drop system is a bit limited as it won’t let you move around everything exactly as you want it. The service offers some awesome customizable templates that can make any website look beautiful, but on the other hand there’s no personal restore option, meaning if their site goes down, clients have to wait on the Weebly support team to fix it. On one hand, Weebly provides a large number of tools and an App Center which can boost the clients’ websites immeasurably, but on the other, they don’t offer any artificial design intelligence which just means clients have to create their own websites without any assistance beyond guidance.

Customer support and security

Weebly’s customer support teams are some of the best trained and most professional in the world, as this company has been operating for over 12 years and has had considerable time to learn. Therefore, clients can rest easy knowing that their websites are maintained and protected by a highly skilled team. Weebly even provides all the necessary technical and security upgrades to all of their websites in order to protect them from outside attacks, whether they’re DDoS attacks or any other hack. With their free SSL certificates with each website, additional firewalls and encryptions, Weebly is one of the safest hosts among website builders.


Weebly offers five distinct packages, one of which is free and will not be listed in this section. The four paid plans offered by this company are:

  • Connect - $5 per month when paid annually.
  • Pro - $12 per month when paid annually.
  • Business - $25 per month when paid annually.
  • Business Plus $38 per month when paid annually.

After renewal these prices may increase. Also, prices increase if you opt for the shorter duration plans instead of annual subscriptions.


Weebly has been providing the best in website building software for years and it has earned its reputation for being in the top 3 of all time. This is because they not only care about how the site looks, but also about how it functions and most importantly – about the design being an exact representation of the client’s idea. Weebly provides some of the most amazing customer support as well as security in the industry, which has been a cornerstone of their successful business strategy so far. Additionally, Weebly doesn’t just help clients put together their website – they also help run it through their many marketing and SEO tools.

Weebly’s plans may not be the cheapest, but they provide more value for the money than most other companies. They have eCommerce included in all of their plans and they even have a free plan to allow potential clients to try out the company before agreeing to pay for its services. Weebly’s dedication to making themselves a better website builder service is very noticeable, especially when you consider they actually run a decent percentage of the internet. All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable service that will perform exactly as described, Weebly should be the way to go. Happy website building